We are a manufacturer of high quality, knotless window and door square timber made of pine, which is one of the best building materials. Wood is carefully selected and dried, we eliminate all wood defects, which guarantees best-quality products.

The outer layer of square timber has got semi-pricked graining. Scantlings are glued on modern hydraulic presses and glued rails have high technical characteristics.
We offer timber at a thickness of 72 mm and widths: 86 mm, 105 mm, 115 mm, 145 mm. It consists of three layers put together with waterproof glue, in accordance with DIN 204 D-4.
Our products have a positive test report issued by the Institute of Wood Technology.
We offer:
  • combined timber - 3 layers combined in the length of 6000 mm, 
  • solid timber - solid outer layer, the middle one combined
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