Boards and plywood

Boards and plywood.
The basic offer includes almost 100 decors in melamine furniture boards from the collection of EGGER ZOOM Company in the format of 2800 x 2070 x 18 mm. In addition, we offer different thickness boards, laminates and worktops in thicknesses of 38 and 60 mm. 

We offer raw waterproof plywood and plywood: Hardwood - birch, alder and beech, conifers - pine and veneered - oak and ash. Laminated birch and poplar plywood . we also have anti-slip and timbering ones. In addition, in constant sale, we have merantii exotic plywood with poplar cores. The entire assortment in various thicknesses and grades. We also import goods according to customer requirements.
OSB-3 plates. We offer OSB-3 as a plate designed for the use on exterior and interior conditions of moderate humidity ; possible sizes : 2500 x 1250 and 2500 x 625 with straight and milled edges in thicknesses from 6 to 25 mm.
Our assortment includes also raw deciduous boards in the format of 2500 x 1250 x 18 mm, as well as veneered oak, ash, beech and pine boards in the format of 2500 x 1250 x 19, MDF, HDF and chipboards

We offer raw MDF boards in various thicknesses and double-laminated in the thickness of 18 mm. HDF palette of raw and painted it white and wood-sided in several types. In addition, we offer raw chipboard and wood veneered.
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